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Top Twitter Trends of 2012 Infographic

2012 has seen some major growth on the social network front; it stands to reason that 2013 will see further movement (especially with up and coming networks). Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social network with 10 million unique visitors per month , but Twitter has seen major growth too and hit an impressive 500 million accounts earlier in the year.

With this in mind we thought it prudent to do a little data crunching and have added the top trends of 2012 to our very first infographic below.

Top Twitter Trends 2012 info graphic

Key facts from the infographic:

- 2012 saw Twitters user base grow to 500 million users; of which 140 million are active users.

- Revenue increased from $139 million to $350 million in 2012

- 150 million Tweets were posted during the London Olympic games

- Usain Bolt attracted 80,000 Tweets per minute in the wake of his 200 meter final win.

- Barrack Obama’s ’4 more years’ photo is now the most retweeted in history. Users retweeted it over 810,000 times.

- a quarter (26%) of all top trends were hash tags. All other trends were words, events or place names.

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