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Valentine’s Day 2013 Statistics and Marketing Ideas Infographic

Valentine’s Day is a great event for so many reasons (for 62% of the world who celebrate it at least). We thought an infographic to demonstrate this fact was in order and went about compiling statistics on;

  • What people buy
  • How much they spend
  • Who they spend it on
  • Some other wacky statistics (did you know 11,000 babies are conceived on Valentine’s day for example?).

The Valentine’s Day 2013 Statistics Infographic



Some key statistics:

- Average spend per person will be 3.2% higher than 2012

- 180 Million Valentine’s day cards are sent; 85% by women

- Conversely 80% of all flowers are bought by men

- 62% of people celebrate Valentine’s Day

- 11,000 babies are conceived on Valentine’s day

- £8.8 billion will be spent globally on romantic Valentine’s gifts (some not so romantic).

Did you run a valentine’s day marketing campaign this year? How did it go, and did inbound marketing work for you?

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About Richard Sharp

Richard is the founder of Shooting Star Media Ltd. He has extensive knowledge of digital marketing having worked with a myriad of brands since 2007. He is skilled in community management and customer engagement. Take a look at Richard's LinkedIn profile, or catch up with him via Twitter.

3 Responses to "Valentine’s Day 2013 Statistics and Marketing Ideas Infographic"

  • Love is in the air… < Blog | Truth
    February 13, 2013 - 9:50 am Reply

    [...] shoppers set to spend almost £8.8b on Valentine’s Day this year, according to an infographic by Shooting Star Media, it is clear why companies are keen to get their brand out there during this lucrative [...]

  • Nikhil Goyal
    February 13, 2013 - 3:02 pm Reply

    Well, the great thing about this infographic is that you guys have related the user behaviour on Valentine Day with Online Marketing Ideas. Just shared this on our blog.

    • Richard Sharp
      February 13, 2013 - 3:13 pm Reply

      Thanks Nikhil, I had fun putting it together. There’s certainly been more content led Valentine’s campaigns this year, hopefully a trend that will continue. Have you seen any interesting content led campaigns?

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